Large Burn Dressing Water-Jel® Hand Dressing, 20x55cm - Blue, White and Green Pack Design - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
Water-Jel® Hand Dressing, 20x55cm - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd

Water-Jel® Hand Dressing, 20x55cm

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Product Description

  • 'Specialised Treatment of Hand Burns'
  • Patented Water-Jel® sterile dressings are easy to carry, store and use
  • Protects against airborne infection
  • Water-Jel® dressings do not stick to the wound and can be applied directly over clothing
  • Immediately cools the burn and begins to halt its progression whilst providing relief to the casualty
  • Medical grade non-woven dressing is saturated with a scientifically formulated cooling gel
  • Dressings require no pre cooling
  • Especially designed to fully cover the hand area
  • Applicable to both left and right hand
  • Cools and soothes both minor burns and more serious ones
  • Size: 20 x 55cm

UNSPSC Code 42311504


Water-Jel® Burns Treatment

  1. No pre cooling with water necessary, as required by the BS 8599 protocol
  2. Water-Jel® dressings are a patented non adherent dressing with more gel to provide enhanced performance over similar products
  3. Burns are cooled through convection, meaning there is not risk of treatment induced hypothermia
  4. Gel is specifically designed to arrest burn injuries and holt the progression through skin tissue
  5. Water-Jel® contains bacteriostatic properties that form a barrier between the burn site and the surrounding air. Risk of secondary infection is therefore greatly reduced
  6. Clinically shown to be 80% more effective than other gel based burn dressings available
  7. Can be used on any thickness of burn (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree)
  8. No temperature controlled storage necessary

For smaller burn areas use BurnJel.

BurnJel is available in three sizes for ease of application and contains a water-soluble gel formulation to rapidly cool and arrest burn injuries.

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