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The Crucial Changes Made to EN374 for Dangerous Chemicals and Micro-Organisms

Times have changed and so have the safety standards for safety work gloves. As of 2016, the EN ISO provides new standards for gloves that workers use to protect their hands from dangerous chemicals and/or micro-organisms. These include but are not limited to new testing methods, increased protection, innovative marks and vast requirements. Today, we discuss the most important EN374 changes and what they mean for workers and businesses operating with dangerous materials.

PureFlo Respiratory Systems - Configurable to meet your demands


Used throughout the world in a wide variety of heavy and light duty industries, and by numerous multi-national organizations, our wide range of field proven PureFlo industrial respirators can be configured to match your exact needs.  Our innovative design provides integrated respiratory, head, face, and eye protection against industry hazards while enhancing end user mobility, comfort, and workplace performance.

  • Petrochem
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Welding

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Gentex unveil the PureFlo 3000 PAPR launching Q1 2019

A unique all-in-one respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection solution.

An innovative PAPR system that provides a unique all-in-one respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection solution. The PureFlo 3000 provides integrated protection for users with an unrivalled level of comfort. Configurable for use in multiple applications including industry, construction, pharmaceutical and welding.



  • No trailing leads, hoses, or cables provides improved safety (no “snagging“).
  • No belt mounted blower unit required thereby improving user comfort. Ideal for use with a range of protective workwear.

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The Innovative Glove Traffic Light System by Shield Scientfic

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Thin Film Nitrile Gloves - Do you have less protection?

Thin Nitrile Gloves

It seems that car manufacturers are all racing to produce new increasingly efficient engines in an effort to improve their vehicles economy. Now they are developing electric, hybrid and even hydrogen powered cars. It is claimed by 2020 we will all be benefiting from a cleaner healthier environment as the traditional petrol and diesel give way to the new technology.

Examination gloves have traditionally been manufactured from natural rubber latex because the technology is relatively easy and the product is exceptionally soft and comfortable in use. So what are the drivers to seek alternative materials?

  • Latex allergy

Latex protein in a glove can result in a severe reaction in susceptible individuals. This is a particular problem with powdered latex gloves (rarely used in the U.K) - Powder free gloves have been leached to protein levels less than 50µg/g the level of sensitisation is above 100µg/g.  It should be remembered however if an individual has been sensitised in the past when in contact with a high protein glove they may still react to a low protein glove.

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