About Us

Sentinel Laboratories was founded and established in 1988, to manufacture and supply laboratory equipment and disposable products. The company provides specialist technical expertise on both chemical and health and safety issues, having directors who are a member of The Royal Society of Chemistry and The Institute of Safety and Health.

Sentinel are main distributors for a wide range of specialist PPE products meeting the needs of industrial, laboratory and pharmaceutical markets. The product range encompasses a broad offering of protective gloves including cleanroom gauntlets. Sentinel Laboratories' respiratory range includes both positive and negative pressure products - they are also able to provide fit testing by both quantitative (using a Portacount) and qualitative test methods.

Consistent growth over the years has allowed the company to remain in the forefront of technology, ensuring that we offer the most competitive pricing structure and specialist technical knowledge to both our distributors and end users.

Sentinel Laboratories' web presence has been developed as a technical resource for customers providing detailed information on the product specifications, chemical resistance data, certificates of conformity, and certificates of analysis. The site aims to bring the latest information to customers making this a one stop technical resource. The website is updated on a daily basis to ensure new products and information is presented as soon as it becomes available.