On-Site Glove Assessment

Selecting the most appropriate hand protection will help safeguard your employees against unavoidable hazards and support your organization's steps towards improved health and safety practices.

The Hand Protection Assessment Survey from Sentinel is an ideal starting point to ensuring your employees and business are protected from the risk of injury.

With such a wide choice available, the process of hand and arm protection selection is becoming increasingly complex. Specialist PPE distributors are therefore calling upon manufacturers with greater frequency to provide hand protection audits and surveys.

A Sentinel Hand Protection Assessment Survey will:

  • Provide a documented process to support your risk assessment procedures
  • Help ensure your organisation complies with the current EN standards and legislation, in particular, "The use of Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/656/EEC"
  • Provide a detailed report highlighting the most appropriate specifications of hand and arm protection
  • Identify the areas where improvements can be made both from a cost and best practice perspective
  • Will be undertaken by glove industry experts
  • Will be conducted with no obligation to trial or buy
  • Will help safeguard against expensive injury claims and time lost due to staff absents through injury

*Free Hand Protection Assessment Surveys offered to organisations with 20+ glove users.

7 key areas have been identified that, when optimized, improve safety, drive savings and efficiency gains within the business. These are listed below:

Assessment Module

Practices that increase performance and acceptance.

Injury Prevention

Practices that reduce the risk and cost of employee injuries.

Cost Performance

Practices that maximize product performance to meet the requirements of the application (specific work environment).

SKU Management & Standarization

Practices that minimize the number of SKU's used and to ensure optimal product selection across like job applications, across multiple site locations.


Practices that optimize PPE dispensing, usage, and disposal procedures.


Practices that educate employees in proper selection, usage and disposal of PPE products.


Practices that improve output and eliminate waste.

While all seven of these areas are important, Sentinel focuses on those areas that are most important to you, our customer.