A Person Wearing a Single Yellow TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid Glove Holding a Syringe - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
A Person Wearing a Single Cream Coloured TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid Long Length Cuff Glove Holding a Metal Bar and Wooden Plank - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
Diagram Showing Areas of Protection for TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd

TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid

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Vendor: TurtleSkin
Code: Full Coverage

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'Cut And Puncture Protection To The Entire Hand'

Product Qualities

  • Total coverage with TurtleSkin® patented 'aramid knit' material for unparalleled protection
  • May be used with a disposable barrier membrane for total protection and flexibility
  • May be machine washed or steam autoclaved for extended life
  • Features a 3" cuff and elastic wrist band
  • 1.27mm Needle Test: Protection Level C


Technical Details

Suitable For

  • Timber and Forestry
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Sharp Material Handling
  • Nuclear Waste Management
  • Casualty Handling
  • Hospital and Laboratory Research
  • Animal Handling
  • Glass and Sharps Manufacturing
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Chemical and Biological Clean Up
  • Waste Management/Disposal
  • General Industrial Safety


  • Abrasion Resistance: 2
  • Blade Cut Resistance: 2
  • Tear Resistance: 3
  • Puncture Resistance: 2
  • Dexterity Resistance: 4

UNSPSC Code 46181504



Machine washable on a gentle cycle Do not tumble dry!

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