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Timestrip® Plus™ +8°C - Cold Chain Indicator

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The Timestrip Plus™ is an accurate disposable device which can monitor how long a temperature breach has occurred above the +8°C temperature threshold. Ideal for cold chain pharmacy and blood monitoring requirements, the Timestrip Plus™ provides immediate indication of when a temperature breach has occurred, and using a period window can tell the user how many hours the product has been exposed. Designed specifically for cold chain systems that operate a +2°C to +8°C threshold, Timestrip Plus™ is ideal for the transportation of Vaccines, TPN, Cytotoxics, Insulin, Antibiotics and other temperature sensitive products.

Small in size and available with an adhesive back, the Timestrip Plus™ can be easily applied to different types of products and packaging. The indication windows are easy to read and understand, and activation begins with a simple squeeze of the blister on top of the device. As long as the transported product is held at, or under the temperature threshold the windows will remain white; changing to blue once a temperature breach has occurred.

Complete Solution

Timestrip Plus™ can also be used in conjunction with the Timestrip Minus™ to accurately monitor both the ascending and descending temperature threshold in a +2°C - +8°C cold chain system. Activated together using a simple push button on the device, the Timestrip Plus/Minus™ combination can provide the complete solution in accurate cold chain monitoring.

  • Highly Accurate - Time lapse indication of +8°C temperature breach indicator
  • Simple to activate - press the blister firmly and first window turns blue
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Water resistant
  • Cumulative time indicator
  • Clear indication of breach from white to blue
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Serial coded on each indicator for traceability
  • Easily disposable once used - reducing potential theft and loss expenses
  • Can be used for regular temperature monitoring or as an audit tool

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