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Substance Misuse Training - Level 2

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Duration: Substance Misuse Training, Level 2 = 67 Hours


Who is it for? The Level 2 Award in Substance Misuse Training is aimed at delegates looking to further their skills and knowledge surrounding the topic of Substance Misuse and those who want to gain a qualification in Substance Misuse.

Course Objectives By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the size, scope and complexity of substance use/misuse in the UK
  • Understand the social context of substance use/misuse in the UK and how this has changed over time
  • Understand the reasons why people use substances
  • Understand the importance of attitudes and values and their effects on behaviour
  • Understand the UK national response to substance use/misus
  • Understand the possible signs and symptoms relating to substance use/misuse and their limitations
  • Know the range of services available for those affected by substance use/misuse
  • Know the issues and concerns around alcohol use/misuse
  • Understand the different styles of drinking and their potential for harm
  • Know the ways in which society responds to alcohol use and misuse
  • Understand the attitudes towards, and the impact of, alcohol use among young people


Delegates must successfully complete the three mandatory units from Group A and one optional unit from Group B to achieve this qualification.

Group A (Mandatory): Delegates must complete all three units:

1. Understand Substance Use/Misuse

2. Understand how to respond to substance use/misuse

3. Understand the safe, sensible and social use of alcohol

Group B (Optional) Delegates are to complete one unit from the following list:

1. Community responses to substance misuse

2. Options and Interventions for those affected by substance use/misuse

3. Substance misuse and young people

4. Understand solvents and volatile substance abuse

5. Understand blood-borne infections related to substance use/misuse


This qualification is internally assessed through delegates collecting a portfolio of evidence through the duration of the course. All portfolios will be assessed by the tutor and then a sample will be checked by the person responsible for Internal Quality Assurance to ensure consistency.

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