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Sterile Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag (400 Gauge)

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Cytotoxic medications need to be securely transported to the patient, maintaining asepsis and clearly labelled to avoid errors

Product Description

  • Sterile
  • Chemo-Trans-Waste bags offer a secure solution for both transport and waste.
  • Manufactured from strong clear polythene for content visibility, the bags are printed on one side in yellow with hazard labelling and purple stripe and a convenient write on panel, all fully compliant with current best practice guidelines (DoH 'Health Technical Memorandum 07:01 safe management of healthcare waste').
  • Sterile bags can be taken inside your isolator to collect the non-sharps waste generated whilst making up chemotherapy drugs. The bags can be sealed using the tamper evident strip and disposed of as cytotoxic waste, in line with hospital protocols.
  • Chemo-Trans -Waste bags are supplied in individually sterile wrapped in packs of 100.

UNSPSC Code 42281916

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1 Pack of 100 Bags



Product Description

  • XX1008 - 10 x 8"
  • XX1218 - 12 x 18"

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