A Person wearing a Lab Coat with SENSI-TOUCH® Silk Glove Liners, Long Length Cuffs and Purple Nitrile Gloves - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
A Person Wearing a Pair of White SENSI-TOUCH® Silk Glove Liners, Long Length Donning an Orange Glove - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd
A Purple Pack of White SENSI-TOUCH® Silk Glove Liners, Long Length - Sentinel Laboratories Ltd

SENSI-TOUCH® Silk Glove Liners, Long Length

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SENSI-TOUCH® Silk Glove Liners

The need to wear gloves for extended periods to meet the increasing standards of hygiene and protection demanded in clinical, industrial and laboratory applications, has resulted in a significant rise in skin irritation. The occlusion of the skin, irritants in the glove and increased perspiration all contribute to the problem. SENSI-TOUCH® glove liners have been developed to meet the glove users needs.

Protective Barrier

SENSI-TOUCH® silk glove liners provide a positive barrier between the skin and the glove. This will help to reduce to a minimal level any leaching of glove components which may cause irritation to the skin.

Absorb Perspiration

Silk liners will effectively absorb perspiration and wick it away, helping to keep the hands dry and fresh. The elimination of high levels of perspiration will reduce the super hydration effect on the skin cells which causes them to swell and disrupt.

Increased Tactility

SENSI-TOUCH® silk glove liners are manufactured from ultra fine knitted silk fabric, which stretches to conform closely to the skin, resulting in virtually no loss of touch. The absorption of perspiration by the material increases operator tactility and increases work performance.



Sizes Available

  • Size 7.0-7.5 (SEN/L2/L)
  • Size 8.0-8.5 (SEN/M1/L)
UNSPSC Code 42132204

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