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Sempermed Syntegra IR, Latex Free, Powder Free (Foil Wrapped)

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A New Generation of Gloves Innovative gloves in the operating theatre: Synthetic polyisoprene (IR). Has the same outstanding physical properties as natural latex: maximum elasticity and tear resistance with low tension. Latex Allergy Prophylaxis The Sempermed Syntegra IR glove, made from synthetic polyisoprene, protects doctor and patient: powder-free, free from natural latex and allergenic proteins. This removes the hazard of sensitisation right from the start - especially for atopic persons. Optimum Safety The micro-roughened surface offers optimum grip. For perfect instrument handling, even in a moist environment. The ideal combination - innovative material with the tried and tested Sempermed design - for the same quality of grip as natural latex. Maximum Comfort The Sempermed Syntegra IR glove is quick and easy to put on in every situation. The soft, elastic material and perfect, fully anatomical fit guarantee a relaxed hand position for less tiring work. Product Qualities
  • Cream
  • Synthetic Polyisoprene
  • Fully anatomical with rolled rim
  • Wall thickness in palm area: 0.19-0.24mm
  • Packaging: 6 Boxes x 40 Pairs (240 Pairs)

Technical Details

UNSPSC Code 42132203
  • Impermeability as per EN 455-1: AQL 1.0
  • Force at break as per EN 455-2 >9 N
  • Marking: ISO 15223
  • Sterilisation Gamma-radiation with at least 2.5 Mrad (25 kGy)
EN Standards Sempermed Syntegra IR Gloves conform to the following standards:
  • EN980
  • EN1041 - Requirements for information to be specified by a manufacturer
  • Compliant with medical device standards EN455-3
For further information about EN Standards, please visit our page.


Sizes Available
  • Size 5.5 - 270mm (827056521)
  • Size 6 - 270mm (827056601)
  • Size 6.5 - 270mm (827056621)
  • Size 7 - 280mm (827056701)
  • Size 7.5 - 280mm (827045721)
  • Size 8 - 280mm (827045801)
  • Size 8.5 - 285mm (827045821)
  • Size 9 - 285mm (827045901)

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