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Sempermed Supreme Surgical Gloves, Powder Free, Sterile (Foil Wrapped)

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Inner Coating A patented synthetic coating. The glove is not powdered, but is leached several times and because it has very low levels of protein and other potential irritants, offers excellent skin compatibility and comfort. Powder-Free Both staff and patients can rest assured, the glove is completely powder- free, so there is no potential risk from particles in the operating theatre and therefore no danger of patients developing granulomatous formations. Excellent Fit We use perfectly anatomically designed hand models, and dip these in latex. The moulds, which are designed especially for the production of the Sempermed Supreme, have broad backs of hands and fingers which have a natural curvature to them. This ensures that not only are the gloves comfortable, they are also easier to don. Product Qualities
  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • White
  • Fully anatomical with rolled rim
  • Length: 240mm
  • Wall thickness in palm area: 0.19-0.24mm
  • Packaging: 6 Boxes x 50 Pairs (300 Pairs)

Technical Details

UNSPSC Code 42132203
  • Impermeability as per EN 455-1 AQL 1.0
  • Force at break as per EN 455-2 >12 N
  • Marking: ISO 15223
  • Sterilisation gamma radiation with at least 2.5 Mrad (25 kGy)
EN Standards Sempermed Supreme Surgical Gloves conform to the following standards:
  • EN980
  • EN1041 - Requirements for information to be specified by a manufacturer
  • Compliant with medical device standards EN455-3
For further information about EN Standards, please visit our page.


Sizes Available
  • Size 5.5 - 270mm (822751521)
  • Size 6 - 270mm (822751601)
  • Size 6.5 - 270mm (822751621)
  • Size 7 - 280mm (822751701)
  • Size 7.5 - 280mm (822751721)
  • Size 8 - 280mm (822751801)
  • Size 8.5 - 285mm (822751821)
  • Size 9 - 285mm (822751901)

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