A Pair of Black and White PureFlo Half Mask Filters on Top of a Paper Pamphlet
A Pack of White and Black PureFlo Half Mask Filters
PureFlo Grey, Navy and Black Half Mask
PureFlo™ P3R Half Mask Respirator Filters (Pack of 2)

PureFlo™ P3R Half Mask Respirator Filters (Pack of 2)

Regular price£15.00

Vendor: PureFlo by Gentex
Code: PF1000-02-P3 R

Quantity: 1 Packet contains 2 Filters


PureFlo™ 1000 filters provide ultra-low breathing resistance, optimised capacity and patented connection technology.

Product Qualities

  • Secure Fit, Any Rotation - Our filters have been designed to be extremely easy to use. The patented ‘Easy-On’ filter mechanism enables users to securely mount filters onto their masks from any orientation with ease
  • High Protection, Low Resistance - With a minimised pressure drop across filter media and optimised flow geometry, the PureFlo™ 1000 filter range provides an ultra-low breathing resistance, without compromising protection
  • Fit Check with Confidence - When covered, our filters allow negative fit checks to be performed by users before entering hazardous environments
  • High Capacity - Lightweight design, high capacity filter media and low pressure drop respiration, enables our filters to provide complete protection with optimal longevity.

Half Mask Respirator Not Included



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