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MediCool® Chill Packs for VaccinePorter® and BloodPorter® Systems

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A water-based phase change cool pack that can be refrigerated for use inside a Porter system. Available in different sizes and configured in the porter to match the desired temperature threshold, the Medicool® packs negate the need for ice improving storage capacity. Medicool® packs are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality systems, and are totally non-toxic.

  • Can be refrigerated to desired temperature threshold
  • Freezable if required
  • Configured for use in VaccinePorter® and BloodPorter® systems
  • Available in 3 sizes - Please see 'size options' tab

UNSPSC Code 40101700

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Size Options

Code Product Dimensions Quantity Suitability
MC033B MediCool® 28 185 x 170 x 35mm 18pcs/pck VaccinePorter® 6, VaccinePorter® 9, VaccinePorter® 16, BloodPorter® 4, BloodPorter® 6
MC034B MediCool® 3 320 x 170 x 35mm 12pcs/pck VaccinePorter® 24, BloodPorter® 40
MC030B Medicool® 11 220 x 130 x 35mm 20pcs/pck Vaccine MiniPorter®, Blood MiniPorter®
MC032B Medicool® 20 270 x 130 x 35mm 20pcs/pck BloodPorter 16®, BlooPorter® 27


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