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Easy Change Cuff Ring System Set - Push through 1 outer/2 inners

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This Easy Change Cuff Ring system has been specifically designed to allow a sterile glove change to be carried out whilst still providing operator protection. Whether you need to perform a routine change, replace a damaged glove or simply change the glove size, the Easy Change system enables you to change gloves quickly and easily without breaching the integrity of your environment. The Cuff Ring utilises a double lip seal arrangement, which ensures that the containment is never broken. The glove is changed by loading a sterile glove onto an inner ring inside the Isolator and then simply pushing the other used glove and ring through into the sleeve or into the bag.

Product Qualities

  • Double lip seal ensures containment is maintained throughout change procedure
  • All parts of system are suitable for sterilisation including autoclaving at 121°C
  • Can be used with most makes of beaded glove
  • Allows an operator safe change as well as a sterile change
  • Provision for bagging out of contaminated gloves
  • Compatible with a wide range of cleaning and sterilising agents
  • Can be used with any make of Isolator including flexible film Isolators and Half Suits
  • 90mm internal diameter gives comfortable clearance over hand and wrist


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