Corpro F1100 Filter Pair
Corpro F1100 Filter Pair
Corpro F1100 Filter Pair

Corpro F1100 Filter Pair

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Vendor: Gentex

The F 1100 Filter Range. Nine variants which can be used in a variety of industrial or medical environments, with ultra-low breathing resistance, optimised capacity and patented connect‍‍‍ion technology.


Pack Size: Varies


Secure Fit, Any Rotation

The patented 'Easy-On' filter mechanism helps users to securely mount filters onto their masks from any orientation with ease.

High Protection, Ease-of-Breathing

The F1100 filter range offers ultra-low breathing resistance without compromising protection.

F1100 Filter Range

The F1100 range includes nine variants, covering particulate, gas and combination filter protection, interchangeable across the range of masks.

Pack Sizes

Filter Type Pack Size 
P3 R 15
A1 15
A2 15
ABE1 15
ABEK1 15
A1P3 R D 10
A2P3 R D 10
ABE1P3 R D 10
ABEK1P3 R D 10

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