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Bantex Green Cohesive 25mm Tape, 27 Metre Rolls

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Bantex Cohesive Tape Bantex Tape is non adhesive so will not stick to hair, skin or clothing. The tape bonds only to itself and leaves no residue or discolouration when removed. The strength of the bond is not affected by hard use, wetness or by oil.


Protect Fingers & Productivity It is estimated that 15% of industrial injuries result in damage to the fingers. In many cases such injuries could be prevented by the use of Bantex Protective Tape. Bantex Tape protects the fingers and hands from abrasion and cuts. It can also be useful in protecting product from finger marks and contamination.


Comfortable in Use The open mesh tape allows the skin to breathe keeping the skin fresh and dry. The skin's pores are not sealed or clogged so the skin's glands can function normally.


Moisture Proof Perspiration, washing, soaking, bathing or long immersion in soapy detergents will not loosen the cohesive bond.


Applications Wherever light protection and natural feel and dexterity is required, one or two layers of tape should be applied. If greater protection is needed then further layers of tape may be applied.


Technical Details

Ideal For

  • Buffing and grinding applications
  • Assembly of rough or abrasive components
  • Preventing finger prints on polished parts
  • Preventing product contamination by body oils and acids
  • Providing extra grip to handles


UNSPSC Code 42311511


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