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Welcome to Sentinel Laboratories Ltd, Your Premier Choice for Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At Sentinel, a dedicated family-run business, we specialize in providing high-quality personal protective equipment tailored for the unique needs of laboratory environments. Our commitment to safety is driven by our understanding of the critical nature of laboratory work, where precision and protection go hand in hand. With a blend of industry expertise, top-tier products, and a personal touch, we ensure that your lab personnel are equipped with the best in safety gear.

Why Sentinel is Your Go-To Source for Lab PPE:

  1. Specialized Laboratory Focus: Our product range is specifically curated to meet the stringent safety requirements of laboratory settings.
  2. Quality and Compliance: We offer products that not only meet but exceed safety standards, ensuring that your lab complies with the latest regulations.
  3. Comprehensive PPE Selection: From gloves and goggles to lab coats and face shields, our extensive range covers all your laboratory safety needs.
  4. Customized Solutions: Recognizing that every laboratory has unique needs, we provide personalized consultations to offer tailored PPE solutions.
  5. Family Values, Professional Service: As a family-operated business, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships and providing exceptional customer service.

Our Laboratory PPE Range:

  • Eye Protection: Explore our range of safety goggles and glasses designed to protect against chemical splashes, flying debris, and laser hazards.
  • Face Protection: Our face shields offer full-face protection, essential for laboratory work involving chemical handling and reactions.
  • Hand Protection: Choose from a variety of gloves including chemical-resistant, disposable, and anti-static options, ensuring delicate handling and protection.
  • Protective Clothing: Our lab coats, aprons, and coveralls are designed for comfort and safety, suitable for different laboratory environments.
  • Respiratory Protection: Select from our masks and respirators, providing effective defence against fumes, dust, and other airborne hazards.
  • Footwear: Ensure foot safety with our range of anti-slip, chemical-resistant shoes, vital for laboratory safety.

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