Sentinel Celebrates 35 Years

I am excited to share with you that we have just celebrated our 35th Anniversary at Sentinel Laboratories Ltd. 

The company was founded in 1988 by our founder, Brian Smith. Whilst the company may not have started in the Disposable Glove market it is certainly the area in which the company has flourished. Whilst Brian sadly passed away in 2022 he remained as Managing Director working alongside his two daughters who manage the company today. We are very much a family company and we hope our customers feel like extended family members; as that is how we feel about you. 

We have been partnered over the years with a number of leading manufacturers; relationships which remain solidly in place to this day. These relationships form the basis of the service we offer to you, our customers. We would like to thank suppliers such as Kimberly-Clark, Sempermed, Polyco and Gentex to name just a few. We could not be us, without you. 

Here is to another 35 Years!!

Thankyou for all your support.

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